Vampire Family Tree Wiki Formatter

This page will parse and wikify either your own vampire stats, or the second-sighted stats of other vampires. It will also generate a (wikified) graphic family tree from it, where the vampire is placed among his or her siblings according to blood pints. The parsing and conversion is done by Javascript within your browser - no info is sent or recieved. The script is too big and complex to be put in one big wiki template, hence this out-of-wiki conversion tool.

The output will be formatted to make the family tree float to the right. Feel free to change this and other things to your liking. You may perhaps want just the in-game-looking info, or just the family tree. Either way, this page is intended to make your wiki updates easier.

Include this in output
Page category template

*) only some vampboxes can be picked from the in-game info

Wikified result:


  1. Either open your My Vampire page, or use Second-sight on another vampire.
  2. Mark (Ctrl+A) and copy (Ctrl+C) all text on that page.
  3. Paste it (Ctrl+V) into the input textarea below (irrelevant text will be ignored).
  4. Click Wikify button. The wikified result appears in the textarea to the right.
  5. Copy-paste the results you want to the wiki.