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Hello! I am not actually called Roger de Carnac, but I hereby welcome you to my webpage. Here is where I try to publish some of the little I have done in web tech. Some are unfinished exploratory works, products of a learning process. Most of it is about Javascript and SVG. If you are not familiar with this wonderful way of adding vector-graphics to your web pages using XML code, you are in for a treat. You are encouraged to download any and all files you find interesting and see what makes them tick. This is the internet – one day it's here, the next day it's gone!

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To download projects, right-click all provided file links and select "Save target as..." or similar. Look for any subdirectory structure and replicate it. I would have archived the files for each project for you, but unfortuneately Atspace don't allow .zip files. Anyhow, take the files apart in you favourite text editor (I wrote everything in Notepad++).

Vampire deCarnac's Map of RavenBlack City

Last update: 2013-06-19

This is a map for the online game Vampires! The Dark Alleyway.

Look at the map here: Vampire deCarnac's Map of RavenBlack City.

For a map tutorial, look here: Introduction to Vampire deCarnac's Map of RavenBlack City.

It is an old project (started 2006) that was on the shelf for many years, but got a major overhaul 2012. This was much thanks to the advent of HTML5, where SVG tags written within the document became standardized and the new filereader object made text data import easy.

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Vampire Family Tree Wiki Formatter

A tool to easily wiki-format your vampire info, while also creating a graphic family tree.

Vampire Family Tree Wiki Formatter

Movement Times of Guilds & Shops in RavenBlack City

A project to pin-point the movement times of guilds and shops in RavenBlack City, based on observations. The first link is to the processed data and a graphic result. The second link is to a report function.

Movement Times of Guilds & Shops in RavenBlack City

Report an observed move (work in progress)

Settlers of Catan (incomplete)

Last update: 2013-04-03

A fantastic tabletop game that has been done in digital form by others before. Still, I couldn't resist giving it a go myself. The robber and the developement cards are still not implemented, nor are the point and victory calculation.

Look at the unfinished game here: Settlers of Catan.

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3D Graphics

Last update: 2012-04-13

I wanted to a try out an idea about a modular gametable for the old GW miniature game Necromunda. Needed some sort of 3D, didn't find any sutable free software and got DIY crazy. This was the result.

3D city table model: 3D City Model.

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Captain Blood - Who's Who (incomplete)

Last update: 2012-04-27

The Amiga game Captain Blood from 1988 almost made me lose my hair at the age of eleven. Now (with a little help from the internet) it's great fun. Couldn't resist making a sort of "Who's Who" about the fantastic characters Blood meets in the Hydra galaxy. The page coding features client-side template substitution, applied on images and especially on the game's UPCOM symbol language. It also sports a custom, script-animated cursor.

The Hydra galaxy bestiary: Captain Blood - Who's Who.

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